Friday, October 28, 2011

Gender and Education

Going into a teaching career, I've actually thought a lot about gender in the classroom, seeing as girls seem to always out-number the boys. We're supposed to attempting to achieve gender equality. But by, for example, separating boys and girls into different lines, or the fact that girls and boys don't compete against each other in sports, we are telling that they're different and not equal. It's a complete contradiction. I found this quote on and it honestly shocked me!

Across the country, boys have never been in more trouble: They earn 70 percent of the D's and F's that teachers dole out. They make up two thirds of students labeled "learning disabled." They are the culprits in a whopping 9 of 10 alcohol and drug violations and the suspected perpetrators in 4 out of 5 crimes that end up in juvenile court. They account for 80 percent of high school dropouts and attention deficit disorder diagnoses. (Mulrine, 2001)

Clearly, boys are falling behind girls as they make they way through the education system. Although, I think that the school system is made in favor of boys. These results show that girls are performing higher than boys, yet being a girl is always portrayed as being a bad thing. Like how the term "throwing like a girl." is one of the biggest insults a boy can receive. I mean, I know plenty of girls that kept up with the boys in gym class and sometimes even out shined them.

Going back to disney, I found this youtube video of how Disney portrays gender roles:

The women are always sensitive, beautiful and elegant. While the men are brave and strong. I think girls have it tougher in school, especially once they get into high school. They have to worry about keeping up with the latest trends, and making sure they look "beautiful" so everyone else will like them. A boy can practically roll out of bed and come to school, but girls are expected to spend hours doing their hair and make-up. Throughout their childhood all of these movies had forced this picture into their heads of how they should look and act to live "happily ever after" when in reality, they probably will never look like that.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tim Wise Interview


I really liked how Tim Wise defined racism in two different ways. He had racism 1.0, which is the bias, "whites are simply better than blacks" kind of racism. And then there's racism 2.0 which is enlightened exceptional-ism which, for example, would be like considering Obama an exception because he thinks, dresses, and acts like a white man. There's no way to say that we are in any sort moving into an anti-racist country or world. Of course, things have changed dramatically. Whites and blacks can live, work, and go to school together. But unfortunately the racism has just continued to grow and change into even more forms as time has gone by.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

REFLECTION: "Unlearning the Myths That Bind Us"

I absolutely loved reading this piece! ( I think Dr. Bogad needs to start a class here at RIC about the stereotypes of cartoons and children movies so we can all take it ;) hint hint ) I have always had conversations with friends about how "Disney Princesses" have ruined children today, and that not everyone is going to get that perfect Prince Charming. When we were kids, we never realized how each fairy tale could almost be viewed as the same heroes, enemies, and that unrealistic happy ending. But it goes beyond the childhood fairy tales, and follows us into adulthood. Everywhere we look we see the (nowadays photoshopped) super skinny, flawless skin, and perfect face staring right back at us from the billboards, magazines, television, and everything else imaginable!

I must admit though, that Disney has redeemed themselves just a little bit! A couple new movies, and princesses, have arrived that don't fit the "perfect white girl" stereotype. Although, no matter what color her skin is, she's still prettier than I'll ever be; and she still got her happy ending. It sad when you realize that society has embedded a vision of beautiful in our heads, even from such a young age. It makes us think that we'll never get to that point. Girls starve themselves and spend money on the latest and greatest makeup and clothing just try to fit into this image, when in reality, no one looks like that! Even the girls on the magazines. Society has become so crazy that they alter model's bodies, color, skin and makeup to make that perfect image unreachable everyone, including them, even when they're the image being portrayed.

I like to pretend that one day we won't focus all of our attention to the way we look, and maybe spend some much needed attention on our personalities and attitudes....but I can't see that happening anytime soon.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lots of information on the ppst! Practice questions, tips for test day, and tips for bad test takers. Deff take the time to check it out! I'll try to remember to post the link to the book on amazon later today!

Monday, October 3, 2011

I know this is kind of old, but I wasn't sure if everyone has seen it!

HYPERLINKS: From Teasing to Torment

After reading the article "From Teasing to Torment" I automatically thought about the NOH8 campaign. (Take the time to check out the website if you can, it's truly incredible!) It is 100% true that students, and people in general, who are homosexual or appear to look homosexual get bullied and tormented the most in our society today. The facts in the article though were astonishing. It's sad to think about how many teenage have to deal with hatred towards them every single day. And it's down right scary to think about how many teenage consider suicide as a result of the torment they live through. 

The NOH8 Campaign is symbolized by a picture of a person with duct tape over their mouth and NOH8 painted either on their hand or cheek. It symbolizes, like other subjects we talked about in class, voices being silenced. No one wants to hear an 'explanation' for why same sex marriage should be allowed, they just think it's wrong (even though another person relationship shouldn't be any of your business!)

I found this YouTube video really cool (Lady Gaga: Born This Way) because Lady Gaga has been an inspiration to many people. She supports LGBT and puts herself, and her career behind it.